North by Northeast Journeys, as the name suggests, specializes in the little-known Northeastern region of India. Our Tour Packages cover Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Nagaland and Sikkim as of now. Although most of our tours are activity based, our true focus lies on the people and the culture of this region.

After have worked all across India, we moved back to the east and started North by Northeast Journeys in 2010. It took us some time to get a clear vision of our intentions here and how to go about it. The argument was between authenticity vs catering to popular demands that usual tours offer. Authenticity won and our vision was clear. Our intention is to provide authentic, unadulterated tours across this region where local interactions and observation are primary. We have no intention of changing the local way of life in any degree to cater tourist demands, hence you will not find pre-arranged shows here , rather we facilitate observation and interaction. The sensitive nature of this region’s people and environment does put a tremendous burden on us to ensure that we by our actions do not alter but rather compliment.

On our tours you are likely to meet lots of friendly folk from all walks of life, happy to share a cup of tea and indulge in some conversation. Our support people are from all over the place but each have their own domain and strength. We are trying for a strong local base from each area, this factor translates to our clients getting a  good local prospective of things.

Our aim:

  • To raise awareness that tourism can be a sustainable source of income without bringing cultural changes or unwanted outside   influences and negative impact to the people and environment.

  • To use all local personnel and logistic support

  • Use small locally owned and managed establishments be it Homestays, Lodges, Community guest houses etc.

  • To facilitate authentic interactions and experiences.

  • To show that tourism does not always imply luxury and excess.

  • To train and empower local youth to be able to take up Adventure Tourism related activities to showcase this abundant region.

The People

We are based out of a little town in central Assam called Tezpur. We believe this central location and our in-depth knowledge of the region, local conditions and the people, places us in a ideal position to run authentic experiential tours in this region.

Personnel wise we are collaborative group of some really nice and strong people with their own sets of expertise. These tours are made of various elements chipped in by  people from across the region. From logistics, local knowhow, activity expertise, camping and cooking to just good company , we have some one who is one of the best in the line. Our intention is to actively encourage and help our team and others by collaborating and working for each other. One thing for sure, with these good folk around you can rest assured that you will be taken care of, kept well fed, given a good local prospective and kept safe while always respecting and being considerate towards the local folk and the environment.

Image credits: Ritika Mittal, Ezhil Vasanthan, Manjit Saikia, Blanca Lorza and Roheen BE




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